Earlsfield and District Angling Society

established 1949


This is the home of Earlsfield and District Angling Society.

We are a friendly fishing club originated in the Earlsfield district of South London although members are spread far and wide. Our season consists of 18 matches fished on some of the best waters in the South of England. With membership costing just £40 per year, real value for money is a key element for our members. We have monthly meetings in Wimbledon.

We have numerous trophies and comprehensive leagues and divisions keep the excitement going all year for all levels of angler. Optional pools on the day also give a competitive element for those with some cash to gamble. We even have a bookie if you fancy a flutter.

We have an average of 20-30 members fishing per match.

AGM proposals 1 March

AGM 2017 Proposals

1. To abolish the team and triples cups

Proposed David Austin       Seconded:

2. To abolish the EH Trophy and Malcolm Haystead trophy and replace the best bag of the season with the Colin Thorn memorial cup

Proposed D Trevatt           Seconded

3. That the cost of day tickets members pay on all stillwater venues to be increased from £8 to £10. River/canal matches to remain £5 on booked waters and free on free stretches.

Proposed  Alan Ollington   Seconded P Hitchings

4. That the pools be change . Still keep it as £18 all in but this to be broken down to £12 main pool paying top 3 at a percentage of 1st 50%,2nd 30%,3rd 20%. £3 biggest fish £3 division

Proposed  M Voller            Seconded  J Voller

5. Proposal 1 To change the old three divisions to 2 divisions.14 in the first  division. 3 members being relegated at the end of the season. The rest of the club membership to make up division 2.



Proposed: P Parslow         Seconded

6. Proposal. 2. Any new members who joins will be put into divison 2. Where there first 5 results will be looked and judged by the commitee to see if they should be in a higher divison. Unless they are already known to be  good anglers.      

Proposed. P. Parslow.       Seconded. 

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